A performer who bridges the gap between Judy Garland and Frank Zappa, the legendary JUDY HENSKE is the best singer you’ve never heard of: from 1963 when she confounded audiences with her performance of “God Bless the Child” on the Judy Garland Show, to 1966 when she riffed about whores on her Jack Nietzche-produced live album “The Death Defying Judy Henske”, and even after her psychedelic folk classic “Farewell Aldebaran”, recorded for Frank Zappa’s label in 1969, Judy was too many things to too few people to become the household name her considerable talents merited.  A singer of unparalleled power and versatility, she was large in every sense.  Standing six feet tall with a voice like a midwestern mash up of Etta James and Ethel Merman, she predated deep-throated alto rock divas like Janis Joplin, Grace Slick and Cher.

MEREDITH DIMENNA performs a tribute to Judy (dubbed “Queen of the Beatniks” by Jack Nietzche) with an overview of Henske’s recorded material, featuring songs like “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”, “I Know You, Rider”, “Til the Real Thing Comes Along”, and “High Flyin’ Bird,” as well as other hits from the era from singers like Lulu, Cher, Dusty Springfield, Brenda Lee and more.

Ms. DiMenna, most recently heard on the breakout single “Legend in My Own Mind” from psychedelic soul band, THE STEPKIDS, is a Jackie-of-all-Trades performer who, like Henske, is comfortable across many styles and disciplines.  Her band, OH, CASSIUS! is a 2013 CT Music Award Recipient in the category of “Best Other.” ALL MUSIC GUIDE raves about her “supple, velvety voice”, indie-rock magazine BLURT calls her the “illegitimate offspring” of Robert Plant and Nancy Wilson, and the NEW YORK TIMES refers warmly to her “Grace Slick-meets-Edie Brickell vocals at their most haunting.”